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Who is Juniper Overland?

Juniper Overland is an off-road and expedition vehicle outfitter located in Denver, Colorado. Our official business name is Adventure Vehicle Outfitters, LLC although we use our trade-name, Juniper Overland to market our company. Our mission from day one has been to supply our clients with the finest equipment available for vehicle-supported 4x4 travel.

Why choose us?

Having been outdoor and 4×4 enthusiasts long before the word “overland” was a part of today’s household vocabulary, we leverage that knowledge and experience on behalf of our customers. We don't just sell anything and everything under the sun in order to make a profit. Instead, we focus on products that are top in their category and we're extremely familiar with from using on our own personal rigs. While we have a special place in our hearts for Toyota 4×4’s we also enjoy working on a variety of vehicles including domestic pick-up trucks, Jeeps, Land Rovers, and Mercedes.

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