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"What is overlanding, anyway?" It's a surprisingly common question these days.

Overlanding is a relatively new (compared to other parts of the world, at least) way to explore the outdoors. During the past few years, though, vehicle-based exploration has boomed and developed a strong following by off-the-grid enthusiasts. Indeed, there now exists an entire industry dedicated to overlanding in the United States.

Sunset on the Desert


Overlanding is a type of adventure travel that focuses on the journey rather than the destination. It's all about exploring remote destinations where the primary goal is traveling off the beaten path and experiencing the outdoors. Overlanding trips are often characterized by self-reliant, vehicle-based travel where participants carry all their equipment and supplies needed for living on the road for extended periods. This includes camping gear, food, water, and tools for vehicle repair or recovery.

Vehicles used in overlanding are typically modified to handle rough terrain and are equipped with off-road tires, suspension upgrades, and sometimes winches or snorkels for water crossings. The vehicles might also have accommodations for sleeping, either inside the vehicle or in tents, including rooftop tents.

Overlanding emphasizes the exploration of new places, self-sufficiency, and the enjoyment of the journey itself, rather than just focusing on reaching a specific destination. It combines elements of off-roading, camping, and adventure travel, and can involve various activities like hiking, photography, and observing wildlife. Overlanding can be a way to explore the wilderness, discover new cultures, and experience the world in a more intimate and adventurous manner.

Best of the Beasts

Check out some of the builds you'll see at this years Overland Trax

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